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Future plans include exciting public excursions from Fort
Pierce to Okeechobee, Florida. This scenic 60 mile trip
recreates the early history of steam travel on Florida's
beautiful east coast.

Once the locomotive is in operating condition, the locomotive
and tender, along with five rail cars will be moved a short distance
to the permanent museum location. The B&S Fort Pierce & Western
Railroad Museum will be housed in the 1893 Depot Building which
will also be moved to the new location. The museum will house
period railroad artifacts, railroad equipment, educational displays,
photographs, documents, and the ticket office. 

Although much of the restoration as been completed,
there remains the expensive boiler reconditioning and
repair. This final and costly work must be done by a
credible steam boiler company which must certify the
safety of the boiler. This work is tentatively scheduled
for third quarter 2016. After the boiler is funded and completed,
we are only a steam whistle blast away from the wheels
beginning to roll. Your tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated.




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